Refund Policy

This store sells digital goods, its return policy is different from the policies of stores, selling physical goods


You, the customer, purchase a license that is priced at an initial fee of 150€ (excluding local taxes). This grants you access to our software for a timespan of three months.
Once that period of three months is over, a renewal fee of 45€ (excluding local taxes) accrues, which will be charged automatically via the card you used to purchse our software. You will be charged in a monthly cycle. You can set this preference via the billing dashboard.

If your license key has expired (you canceled the subscription or failed charges lead to no successful renewal in time), your key will be deleted, no exceptions.
You will always be reminded by our Discord bot in how many days we are going to charge your card on file, if a charging attempt failed and when we will retry the payment attempt.

As this is a digital product, all orders are final, no refunds are accepted. By purchasing this product, you (the buyer) acknowledge that any attempt to dispute or refute these charge(s), is a deliberate act of fraud.

If we notice that you requested a refund through your card issuer, your license key will be terminated immediately and your details will be blacklisted for any future purchases.

Last update: 4.4.2022